The Vision

To Be the Better Way for Business in Employee Administration

Mission Statement

To Provide a strategic but flexible, simple and value driven solution to businesses removing employee administrative barriers that keep them from focusing on what they do best.

Hamilton Edwards the Organization

Since 2004 Hamilton Edwards has believed in a strong HR and Benefit strategy to help our clients run a more successful business. By removing the barriers in the employee administrative areas such as recruiting and retention challenges, the crushing weight of government regulation, rising workers compensation and group health cost, the employer can get back to focusing on their core competency. We do this through our experienced and knowledgeable specialist that work with our clients every step of the way.   Our goal is to simplify and bring value in employee administrative services. This can be provided as a complete turn key solution in payroll, HR, risk management and benefit administration or as single point HR solution.

Strategic Business Partner to Trusted Advisors

With our structure, and simplified process along with flexibility, we can work with a business’s Trusted Advisor from the various industries. Our program alloys for solid integration among many industries, especially in the benefits and works comp areas.

Since 2004, Hamilton Edwards, starting out as Carolina Benefit Designs, Inc, has focused on providing superior services and products to the health benefits broker and the commercial lines agency, "who is the trusted advisors to employers."

Today, with the expansion of the role of the Trusted Advisor along with what is expected from them today these services are no longer just benefits communication, enrollment and administration. Hamilton Edwards works with the advisor to provide them with the support they need, bringing resources to their clients that makes the advisor a hero!


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