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As we head into the into the 4th of July weekend I wanted to thank not only our military, for which I was so humbly fortunate to be a part of, but also the entrepreneurs of this great U.S. of A.   Just like the military men and woman who have had to blindly go into areas of uncertainty and unknown, so has the business owner and entrepreneurs who have taken the risk.
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During this time of celebration of our independence, let’s remember that our forefathers risk their lives by both signing the Declaration of Independence and going up against tyranny that wanted people to be under control of a Monarchy that was "out of control".   For those of us who have been extremely fortunate to grow up in this country, we have heard the sayings of our ancestors, “American is a land of opportunity where you can become whatever you want to be if you have the drive and desire to achieve it”.


Constitution EagleUnfortunately, we have seen this land of opportunity slip away from us when it comes to regulations and laws that make it more difficult to have that opportunity and freedom to do things like start a business and to create something that you love while helping the economy, employment and quality of life.   Here is the point, we didn’t need a gigantic law like Obamacare to solve the health care crisis in this country.  All we need is the entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to allow the free markets to work, creating solutions through ingenuity and competition.
Thomas EdisonAll we have to do is look at previous challenges and crisis that this country has faced, since this country’s birth, to see the American spirit and drive come shining through.   Entrepreneurs like Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and yes, Donald Trump made our lives better and helped overcome challenges our country has faced.
No matter what our government does to continue “shooting all of us in the foot”, where it is legislation that does not solve the problem or pushing through an agenda that divides, entrepreneurs will continue to innovate to solve those challenges that face our country.   Let Independence Day be a reminder of our good fortune, freedom and opportunity.  So, thank those who have served and those entrepreneurs who take the risk every day to make our country great.   
Happy Birthday USA!

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