In Harms Way

I know this is off the HR/Benefits and general business subject, but I felt compelled to write this article today about the 4 Marines that were killed yesterday by this "Terrorist" yesterday.   First, prayers, I am sincerely mean this, go out to the families of these Marines and military personal that were involved in the shooting.

Here is the reason for this article today. I am a former Marine and there is a bond of my Marine brothers that come together when a tragedy like this happens.   Another reason, this hits close to home, literally.  My flesh and blood brother used to live in Hixon and works on Amnicola Hwy there in Chattanooga which is the highway to get to the Marine Reserve station.    My family is from Tennessee.

To have him tell what was happening in the city of Chattanooga and what they knew of the incident should hit all of us between the eyes, that this is not an isolated incident.   The gunman went to Red Bank high school.   My family knows Red Bank area and high school very well from when I was in high school and playing football in Tennessee.

Think about this, Chattanooga, Hixon and the area where these Marines were shot is "Hometown" U.S.A.    I had someone ask, similar to 9/11, why did this happen?    Why people (Marines and Military Personnel)  minding their own business?

There are many reasons and they are not all simple answers.  We have to realize that we as Americans, living in the great country, enjoying the freedoms we have, cannot wrap our head around this type of lunacy.  The thing is, there are many of these "want to be's" in our hometown, wherever that may be here in the U.S.

They are attacking military soft targets today.  Tomorrow?   Let's go from the sidelines to the front lines and start taking to our political leaders and future politicians about how we are going to deal with this.   Let's get a dialog going in this country that will yield the results needed.   Thanks for reading.


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