Turning 5 Areas of Frustration into Focused Success

As a  business owner, business partner or key executive of a business, we have all experienced the frustration and even anger these past few years when it comes to issues, like health care reform.  
After hearing the sermon this week from my church, which focused on taking a situation which has caused us to get angry and doing something about it, I thought this article could discuss how to do this with our businesses.
The 5 areas I hear about most often are:3d human with a red question mark
  • Lack of Sales and Productivity
  • Government Regulation (Compliance)
  • Finding Quality People to Work
  • Employee Liability
  • Cost of Health Insurance and Uncertainty of Obamacare
Instead of trying to cover every aspect of these "areas of frustration" with my answers, I will limit it with links for where to find a wealth of information.  Use these resources in the future.  You or your business may only be frustrated in one area; this will cut through that and give you plenty more information about solutions.
One of the first things is to ask yourself a series of “possibility questions” about your business.   Asking questions like:  “What good can I take away from this situation and turn it into a positive for others” or "How can grow my business by 50% this year and enjoy the process"?   These types of possibility questions helps in getting int the right mindframe to come up with better answers.   Go to Toni Robbins Blog for more insight and information this powerful questioning and evaluation process.
So, first area of frustration for companies:
  1. Lack of Sales and Productivity: Lack of sales means lack of revenue and closing the doors.   So, here are some helpful tips on sales:
  1. Government Regulation (Compliance)
    • Get Guidance and Prioritize! No company can stay up with all the regulation.  If a company did they could not afford to stay in business.   Through an “audit” (checklist) process, you can determine what areas of your business are and aren’t in compliance and prioritze.
    • ACA, EPA, HR, IRS and other industry specific compliance that I probably missed, can make anyone running a business uncomfortable.
    • Consultants, software, cloud or web based systems all can be helpful to review, analyze and implement a solid compliance program for your business.
    • Get with your industry association on what is working in your specific field and/or with an organization like Hamilton Edwards to help give guidance on specific areas of compliance.
Hamilton Edwards Jobs
  1. Finding Quality People to Work   You are not alone in this area!
  2. Employee Liability
    • This follows closely with HR compliance and hiring the right person. Not going through the process of screening individuals before hiring can be expensive.
    • Consider Employee Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI) -Do an HR Audit and Implement Employee Best Practices program. Hamilton Edwards can be the resource.
  3. Cost of Health Insurance and Uncertainty of Obamacare
    1. No matter how many employees you have, if you are offering or considering offering health benefits, you have options. 
    2. Transitional Relief and Employer Shared Responsibility  Companies with more than 50 employees in 2016 will have to decide if they "pay or play", regarding offering ACA compliant health care coverage for their employees.   
    3. If employers are going to control their health care benefits for the long term, they must get employees to become more responsible for their own healthcare.
This article may create more questions than answers; however, Hamilton Edwards can provide the guidance, direction and/or resources to get your questions answered.
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