3 Great Ways to Save on Prescriptions Even with Insurance

Prescription medication cascading out of orange pharmacy vials isolated on whiteEven though the cost of health insurance doesn’t seem to be going down any time soon, if ever, the good news is innovation continues to grow within the healta8d76518b71246b8c1_02m6bnx1ah care industry.   As consumerism grows, so does cost transparency, which leads to this article about the ways to save on prescriptions.  Even though most prescriptions provided by doctors today are generic, approximately 86%, the cost of many prescriptions can be pricey, even if you have a “copay”.
Here are 3 areas you can take action to look into and see if it will benefit you with your new or existing prescriptions.
The key phrase here is “take action”.health-accounts-crop-180x100
1. The easiest way of getting cheaper prescriptions is to shop around. There are at least 4 locations I know of that have $4 prescriptions; Walmart, Target, Kmart and Costco.   This, of course, is not all the prescriptions but they have many generic that fall into this category.   I have found that Costco and Walmart carry some of the least expensive prescriptions and drug supplies around.
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2. If your prescription does not fall into the $4 category, then check this out and see if you agree that and are very good comparison savings application tools. They can be downloaded onto your smart phone.  Simply put your prescription in the search area of the app or on the web site and whether you have a prescription plan or not, it will give you the best rates along with where to purchase it.   Show the coupon to the pharmacy and reduce the cost of the prescription right from your phone!   These two options are not the only savings tool, but they are proven to work!
How I found family medicalGoodRx was through my wife, who is a very conscientious shopper!  She got a prescription for a medication and after the network discount was applied, the generic cost (always ask for generic with your doctor first) was $89.  My family health plan is a Health Savings Account plan.   I have a $6500 deductible on my plan.  That means everything is out of pocket, except preventative care until I reach $6500 in medical cost.  By going through the lowest cost came up as Walmart pharmacy for $24.
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3. If you have brand drugs that cannot be purchased in generic form because it is not available or because your doctor said it is not the best option for you, check out what a doctor actually recommend to me, It is an online verification group for mail order pharmacies. You can order up to 90 day prescription.   I have not found it to be any better savings with the generics, mostly, but the brands or specialty drugs can be very good.  Many of these pharmacies are in the U.S. They even have an online pharmacy for your pets.
Disclaimer: I am not a consumer advocacy organization, nor am I a medical provider.  I am a consumer like everyone else looking for ways to save money.  The information provided is what has worked for me, my family or those that am associated with.  This is not an endorsement of any particular group, organization or business.  Any services mentioned in this article will be used at your own risk. Please do your own due diligence when you are looking at ways to save. 
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