Employees Happiest with Small Employers

Small business makes up 90% of business today in the U.S.  Small employers are key to what makes America "Go". According to the 2017 Aflac Small Business Happiness Report, small businesses can now claim to be some of the happiest places to work.

The area of most improvement, based on the survey however, was in the area of benefits. 

The 2017 report found that 84% of employees working for a small business are happy in their current job and many agree that they are happy because they work for a small employer.

Advantages of Working for a Small Employer

Even though large employers generally offer more "flashy" perks and can seem to be more enticing, employees working for small businesses cited the advantages, which are:

  •  Seeing the fruits of their labor
  • Feeling that their input truly matters
  • Being rewarded for hard work

 Additionally, compared to working at a large company, employees indicated that their place of employment make them feel more:

  •  Appreciated (67%)
  • Accomplished (54%)
  • Productive (55%)
  • Motivated (52%)

 All these factors can often be more lasting and influential to employee career development.

Opportunity for Improvement 

Although small businesses are great places to work over large companies, 72% of those responding to the survey indicated that their benefit offerings would make them "happier". The report stated that about a quarter of those responding said their benefits were the least thing they like about working for a small employer and another quarter said that benefits would be the main reason they would go to work for a large company.  

Even though adding benefits seems out of reach for small employers, it could mean the difference between losing and retaining talented employees.  The good news is, there are many benefits and "perks" that can offered to the employees that does not cost the employer anything.  With employee and benefit administrative services in full swing, employers can offer Fortune 500 benefits to employees and have them administered without any added burden to the business or the staff. 

Tom Hamilton, Strategic Business Adviser to the Advisors, Hamilton Edwards, Inc. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 704-375-1112 x 107 for more information.


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