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As an employer you have always taken care of your workforce, those dedicated individuals who make your business a success. You ensure that they and their families stay happy and healthy by doing everything you can to provide them with a great place to work and healthcare benefits. As that duty has grown into a larger part of your balance sheet, it can feel as though you are drowning in the waters of cost and obligation, along with compliance and regulation. It seems tougher each day to focus on the business when you are over your head in paperwork and employee issues that don’t seem to want to go away, until now.

When you partner with Hamilton Edwards you are able to take full advantage our Advisor HR back office services that gives you size, strength and relationships with leading benefits providers.

By offering an integrated cost-effective and customized solution, together we can do a better job than almost any organization on its own in providing essential Employee Administrative Solutions that will enhance an organization's focus, making them more competitive.

Employee Administration Solutions with Advisor HR bring thousands of work site employees together that may help reduce cost, ad compliance, and offer owners a competitive edge in employing the best talent in their industry. Employee Administration is much more than just processing payroll, it is aiding in the improvement of your client's operational efficiencies and allowing your clients to be the employer of choice.

Hamilton Edwards Providing Superior Services in Employee Administration

Hamilton Edwards functions as an external human resources department, providing complete HR management, including payroll and payroll tax administration, employee benefits, risk management and compliance guidance. Hamilton Edwards’ Employee Administrative Services brings strategic HR solutions through:

  • Controlling and containing rising HR cost
  • Creating efficiency in all areas of employee administration
  • Minimizing liability and exposure to risk
  • Attracting and retaining top talent to become the “employer of choice”

The services provided can be bundled or unbundled but can be completely turn key for payroll services, employee benefits, employment law compliance support, risk mitigation, and an HR team of experts by your side whenever you need them.

We understand how much your employees mean to your business, but we also know that business is about the bottom line. Let the Trusted Advisors, whether it is someone you, as the employer has had a long standing relationship or one of the team members at Hamilton Edwards find a solution that will service both.

Let our team start the work simplifying your business so that you can get back to do what you do best.


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