Next Generation Services

Next Generation Services


Medical Health Advisor

  • Represents you and helps you get through the maze of administrative, insurance and clinical issues
  • Helps you find the right providers and services
  • Clarifies health benefits
  • Provides cost estimates for medical procedures

Personal Telephonic Counseling

  • Access to counselors who assist with problem resolution 24/7.  Speak to Skilled Counselors for: depression, anxiety, or stress; conflicts at work or home; reliance on alcohol, drugs, tobacco or food; sexual, physical or emotional abuse; loss and grief; change and transition 

HealthAdvocate™ |  Core Health Advocacy Service

Once simple call to our toll-free number is all it takes to get help with virtually any healthcare or insurance-related issue.

Each employee is assigned a Personal Health Advocate, typically and experienced registered nurse supported by medical Directors and benefits and claims specialists.  From finding an in-network specialist... to untangling a medical bill... to clarifying benefits, our Personal Health Advocates know the ins and outs of these complicated systems to get the right answers, quickly and efficiently.

Our work to resolve the issue begins immediately, including research, contacting doctors and health insurers, and completing paperwork to get to the most comprehensive resolution.  Best of all, employees work with the same Personal Health Advocate until their issue is completely resolved, and are free to contact them for any follow-up needs. 

HealthAdvocate™ |  Help with Multiple Issues

A single, toll-free number connects employees to a Personal Health Advocate, who can help resolve a wide range of clinical, claims, coverage and billing issues.  This includes:

  • Finding qualified doctors, hospitals, dentists and other providers nationwide
  • Identifying top medical institutions and clinical trials
  • Locating leading doctors, hospitals and other providers for second opinions
  • Scheduling earliest appointments with hard-to-reach specialist; arranging for specialized treatments and tests
  • Estimating and understanding healthcare costs to help them make informed decisions
  • Clarifying complex conditions; researching available treatment options

HealthAdvocate Pic

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Shared Health Alliance™ | SHARx™ Rx Assistance - Individual

What SHARx is:

  • Alternative Access Point to medications
  • A program that works through multiple avenues to find your medication
  • Members often get their medications for FREE
  • Drugs that are not free are typically available at 75% to 90% off retail
  • Access to just about any maintenance medication
  • Includes access to specialty medications and orphan drugs
  • No longer be financially crippled by high cost drug expenses

What SHARx™ is NOT:

  • SHARx™ is not a discount program.  Members typically receive their medications for free or at a small cost share.

CLICK HERE to get the SHARx™ Individual Health Flyer

Shared Health Alliance™ | SHARx™ Rx - Group

Similar to Your Current Rx Program:

  • Employees have a drug card with co-pays
  • 85% of your employees will access meds with no charge
  • 15% will be re-directed through Advocacy and typically get their medications for free

A "True Rx" Partnership:

  • All prescriptions under $350 purchased at the pharmacy
  • True Rx communicates with employees to access high cost drugs over $350 through Advocacy
  • Employer health plan is not billed for any drugs accessed through Advocacy
  • If SHARx™ Advocacy cannot assist member, access is granted through the pharmacy
  • True Rx does not markup generic drugs - savings is typically 30-60% on drugs that are purchased at the pharmacy

A Positive Member Experience:

  • Employer provides Rx data file 60 days prior to inception date
  • HR team partners with SHARx™ / True Rx to assist the 15% of high cost utilizers get started with Advocacy
  • Employees are through Advocacy prior to or by the inception date of the program
  • Employees' co-pay for their drugs are typically eliminated
  • Employer's cost go down by 70%

CLICK HERE to get the SHARx™ Group Health Flyer


Network of Physicians available 24/7/365 who can diagnose, treat and prescribe medication to you by phone while you are in your bunny slippers.  There is no cost to the employee or their family for the consult.  This service becomes a “gatekeeper” to employer health plan.

  • Email access to medical team of board certified doctors
  • Smartphone App access to medical team along with health assessments
  • Ask any medical or health questions, get personal direct answers
  • Represents employee and helps get them trough the maze of administration, insurance and clinical issues
  • Provide cost estimates
  • Helps find the right providers, services and clarifies health benefits
  • Highly experienced negotiating unit that uses various fee bench-marking databases.  Negotiates medical and dental bills over $400.
  • Key part of any employer package that brings solid value to the employees and is essential for protection and large cost exposure from health plans.
  • Program for employees who have limited incomes and resources
  • Pharmaceutical companies and advocacy works with employee
  • Medical services for C-Suite and Key Managers or Personnel.  Pay annual membership fee that covers most services.
  • Gap insurance that pays out $50,000 to $100,000 in medical and dental expenses for key employees.

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HealthAdvocate™ | Expert Help When it is Needed Most

  • Resolving insurance claims; uncovering billing errors; negotiating payment arrangements
  • Finding options for non-covered services; negotiating provider discounts
  • Answering questions about test results, treatments and medications recommended or prescribed by the physician
  • Addressing eldercare issues; clarifying Medicare; locating adult day care, assisted living and long-term care; researching transportation to appointments
  • Assisting with special needs; finding caregiver support services, in-home care, rehabilitation resources and hospice; expediting coverage for special procedures and medical equipment
  • Negotiating pre- and post-claim fees for medical cost savings 


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