Advisor HR

Advisor HR

From the Start

Hamilton Edwards has partnered with Advisor HR from the beginning. Advisor HR supports Hamilton Edwards as their back office “engine”. They are the Employee Administration system! But...they are much more than back office. They work closely with Hamilton Edwards, their advisors and their clients to provide the customized services needed to make sure they get it right first time every time.


The Experts / Specialist to Get the Job Done

Advisor HR has assembled some of the best talent in the Employee Administration industry to do one thing……be the solution for the small to medium business community.

The Buying Power

Advisor HR brings the leverage and purchasing power to take full advantage of their size, strength and relationship with leading benefits providers, risk management, technology services and administrative tools. By offering an integrated cost-effective and customized solution, together we can do a better job than almost any organization on its own in providing essential Employee Administrative solutions that will enhance an organization's focus and provide them with a competitive edge.

Employee Administration Solutions with Advisor HR bring thousands of work site employees together that may help reduce cost, add compliance, and offer owners a competitive edge in employing the best talent in their industry.

Employer benefits are seen directly on their P&L statements and the employee benefits are that of a Fortune 500 company. Employee Administration is much more than just processing payroll, it is aiding in the improvement of your client's operational efficiencies and allowing your clients to be the employer of choice.

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