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Hamilton Edwards through our integrated partnerships provide exclusive opportunities for you the payroll services provider to serve your clients with world class programs and services. We understand your client is the most valuable asset to your business.

If you are a small to medium sized payroll company trying to compete with larger organizations in an already highly competitive area, you may be feeling inadequate to keep up due to the lack of resources needed to win or keep clients. These resources can be in the way of technology, people and/or even equity to invest into the company. If you are not offering HR support and services along with a state of the art HRIS system, as a minimum, your company will find it tougher and tougher to compete in the open market.

Hamilton Edward can structure a whole new area of services, technology and support that doesn’t cost you a dime. In fact, we create a whole new revenue stream for you. You can focus on marketing and helping new and existing clients while your Hamilton Edwards team helps stay competitive with the big name companies.

Our Field HR Administrative team is there to service your clients for all of their HR needs. These include Benefit Administration, Payroll Administration, HR Compliance Administration, and HR Risk Management. Our team of professionals work with you, the trusted advisor, to deliver a cohesive professional service and complete business solution that integrates with the services you are providing to your client.

Remember, if you are not bringing a comprehensive “employee administrative” business solution to your client then competition like Professional Employer Organizations or Administrative Service Organizations are going to.

Our Commitment to You - Alliance Partner or ION

As an ION (Independent Office Network Partner) or Alliance Partner, we will help you build a complete business solution offering. This includes our team providing your clients with all the HR needs that you agree upon. This can be our team providing payroll, HR, workers comp and benefits or any part of it being provided by your organization. Know that the services can be integrated and even more importantly, you are in control.

Hamilton Edwards is committed to excellence with you and your clients. Our reputation is built around a successful and profitable partnership with you, the Trusted Advisor.

Strategy Meeting with Trusted Advisors
Strategy Meeting with Trusted Advisors


Hamilton Edwards has two ways to work with you and your organization:

Alliance Partner

Hamilton Edwards works with your organization to provide 100% turn key HR solutions to your client. You and your organization are involved as much or little as you want. It can be as simple as an introduction or be involved every step of the way. All clients are your clients.

Strong compensation package similar to the IONs along with the marketing and training support provided.

Independent Office Network Partner (ION) - Channel Partner

As an ION, you are contracted through our Key Partners, Advisor HR. Between Hamilton Edwards and Advisor HR, we are committed to providing to you and your organization:

  1. Your Name and Brand along with the marketing tools to support that.
  2. An above average compensation (commission) schedule, including bonuses and incentive trips via Advisor HR.
  3. Training, business development and marketing strategies, to help your organization grow as quickly as you want.
  4. Webinars, seminars and one on one meetings with clients and prospective clients by Hamilton Edwards or Advisor HR, making the process of understanding the services easy.
  5. On-going marketing to your clients and prospects.

You are in the driver seat with your clients. Always in direct control of them no matter what.

For more information please contact us. We can go into more details.

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Hamilton Edwards Training Meeting with Alliance Partners and IONs

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