Simplifying HR Compliance

Expert handling and guidance on over 500 federal and state employment related laws and regulations from ACA to FMLA. We handle the tedious and complex work of filing, reporting, and getting it right for you. And if something is ever wrong we are on the hook, not you.


Complying with labor and employment regulations is a task that demands time and requires specialized expertise. Whether it is from our HR or Payroll team, we have the experience, technology and up to date information to handle the everchanging regulations and requirements needed for a business to stay in business. With hundreds of experts and advanced systems and processes, you can confidently offload many employment-related and HR compliance risks and obligations to us. Hamilton Edward’s HR risk management capabilities help ensure you are in compliance today―and when you and your company expand to new states and locations tomorrow.

Simplifying Payroll Taxes and Filings

Expert handling of the litany of reporting and filings associated with payroll at the federal, state and local level. Beyond the paperwork, we also assume administration of items such as unemployment claims and as the contact in responding to UI claims and inquiries.

  • Create and file W-2s and send to employees including electronic W-2s and tax integration
  • Full administration of unemployment, including plans, payroll collection and claims handling
  • Federal, state and local tax collection and remittances

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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a complex and ever-changing piece of legislation that imposes stiff penalties for non-compliance. Our integrated ACA solution brings the tools needed to determine company classification, plan designs, notices and government filings. We are in a unique position to provide a complete solution because of our expertise and handling of both payroll and benefits.

  • Health plans that meet coverage requirements with affordable contribution strategies
  • Track data, generate and file forms, send employee notices
  • Expert support and guidance so you can navigate the complexity with confidence and help ensure compliance
  • Medical Plan Compliance
  • All ACA Reporting including 1094, 1095 & 1095C Tracking & Reporting
  • Required Plan Disclosure Communication & State Exchange Notices
  • Legal & Regulatory Support

Let our team start the work simplifying your business so that you can get back to do what you do best.

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